Hi, welcome to my dailygreenbar where I am hoping you will find green smoothie inspiration, general info and tips on greens and green smoothie making. Change your life in less than 10 minutes a day by making a green smoothie! A green smoothie using nutrient dense leafy greens is one of the healthiest things you can make and drink and has incredible benefits.

So what’s a green smoothie? It looks like blended grass cuttings but tastes like fruit, is dairy free and is DELICIOUS. Blend healthy leafy greens with fruit and water or coconut water. Triple your recommended daily serving of fruit and vegetables with the most nutritious food on the planet. All you need is a blender and an open mind…!

How do you make one? Why greens? What other ingredients can I use? You will find answers to all your questions here and why you should drink greens here plus you can buy my book dailygreenbar guide to green smoothies for more information.

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As I read and find out more about the big food and pharmaceutical companies and medicine I am more convinced that the easy solution to many of our current health problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease (just for a start!) is in changing the foods we eat that are causing most of these problems in the first place. It is black and white. You either eat food that makes you well or eat food that makes you ill. Well or ill? It is your choice!

But sadly this message is not something you are going to hear when you go to your doctor or specialist. Unfortunately we have become so used to throwing pills at every problem that we’ve forgotten how to get back to basics eg basic whole unprocessed food. If you give your body the right food it will know what to do with it- eg start healing.

Green smoothies are just part of what can help everyone transition easily to changing what they eat and to eating a more plant based diet. I have been making/drinking green smoothies for over 6 years now and as an ex high school teacher I now inspire and teach others about green smoothies and how to make them at my workshops.

I have had my health issues like many of us- mine was cancer and to stay alive I had to take control of my own health/life and body after being sick for 10 years and nearly dying in 2004. You can read more here. Also contact me if you have any questions and also if you have a life changing green smoothie story. I love hearing your inspiring stories!

Thank you, Jane.