zing zing zinger!


Yay my new CitrusZinger arrived! I don’t know about you but I’m addicted to my water bottle and can’t go anywhere without it, a bit like my green smoothie in the morning. I love squeezing lemon in my water and doing this has added benefits eg it is full of vitamin C and B and calcium, has natural antibiotic effects, reduces blood pressure, improves your digestion, flushes toxins, alkalising, gives you healthier skin and increased energy plus makes it tasty yum yum.

This bottle is a GREAT idea (plus it’s green and matches my kitchen bench!) you squeeze half a lemon (or any other citrus) in the bottom part, don’t take the citrus off -keep the lemon on the squeezer and then screw the cup on then fill the top part with water. The seeds are kept out but the water is being continually infused with the skin, juice and pulp as you keep filling up your bottle as you drink it. I’m thinking too of green smoothie possibilities!

Some ideas included in the information include adding other fruits, herbs and spices in the bottom part eg pineapple, mint, coriander, basil,ginger,cayenne,nutmeg, cinnamon, strawberries, apple, cucumber and strawberries.

lemon cucumber

half a lemon/ half a cucumber

orange mint

one to 2 clementines or orange/4 mint leaves

orange lemon & green apple

1/2 a clementine/1/2 a lemon/slices of green apple (pre add to main body of bottle)


In Australia try here http://www.empind.com.au/shop/item/citrus-zinger

Then the  next day- lemon and lime squeezed in there. I think this is tastier than the lemon yum!


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