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Hi recently I was in the United Arab Emirates staying in Abu Dhabi with my daughter. Driving back from a few days in Dubai ( skyscraper central, amazing architecture and mega malls) we stopped at this great Organic Foods and Cafe
for lunch. It is near the American University In Dubai.
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I had a beautiful spinach and pumpkin in a mild coconut milk curry, brown rice and delicious mushrooms cooked in olive oil parsley and garlic. Isis had a non dairy tomato soup, veges and brown rice and carrot cake. Total was $30 AUD per person from the all you can eat buffet.

They have a large organic produce section in the cafe as part of the supermarket. As UAE is mainly desert and as it has minimal arable land, intense heat, locust swarms and limited water it does not have a large scale agricultural business so it imports the majority of its fresh fruit and vegetables. The local dates which are of course a speciality of this area are delicious.

This means to eat organically the quality isn’t very good because of the long distance the food has to travel. Yesterday I bought organic spinach from South Africa that was only $16.43 AUD a kilo. After converting these prices from Dirhams to AUD I’m surprised that they aren’t more expensive but then the quality and freshness isn’t great.
Finding really fresh tasty greens for a green smoothie has been a challenge. I’m thinking of going back there next Friday when the Farmers Market is on next door.

I’ve also found the fruit I’ve bought and ordered in cafes generally tasteless and it tastes nothing like fresh fruit from Australia! As 95% of fruit and vegetables in Coles is grown in Australia I think we take it for granted our ability to buy fresh local produce from our supermarkets and our wonderful local Farmers Markets.

Wish I’d bought some of those Sri Lankan Ambul and Kolikuttu bananas even though they travelled 3400 kms to get here!
Spinach South Africa 54.50 DHS kg $16.43 AUD
Parsley South Africa 91.50 DHS kg $27.70 AUD
Limes Egypt 22.50 DHS kg $6.81 AUD
Cucumber Egypt 15.50 DHS kg $4.70 AUD
Clementines Spain 17.00 DHS kg $5.15 AUD
Cos lettuce South Africa 62.50 DHS kg $19.00 AUD
Celery Holland 67.50 DHS kg $20.50 AUD
Carrot France 39.00 DHS kg $12.00 AUD
Ambul banana Sri Lanka 18.75 DHS kg $5.67 AUD
Kolikuttu Banana Sri Lanka 20.75 DHS kg $6.30 AUD
Mango Sri Lanka 38.75 DHS kg $11.75 AUD
Kiwi New Zealand 49.50 DHS kg $15.00 AUD
















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