begin/sustain/commit green smoothies

hi- yesterday-trying to just have green smoothies all day-for breakfast I had about 650mls of some leftover smoothie with an avocado and spinach added. My second one was a thick creamy energy sustaining one with:

-2 cups water
-watercress, parsley, rainbow chard, cucumber and spinach- blended to make 6 thick cups
-added the usual ginger/ 2 tbs chia/ lemon and lime juice/ handful koji berries then the fruit- frozen banana/mango/apple/ orange/ 2 dates/coconut oil and 1/4 cup of oats

Just green smoothies all day- no usual almond,brazil,cashew nut butter and lettuce tomato wraps or cooked veges, beans, rice, grains. Or even any of my favourite- tahini on rice cakes with black strap molasses. This combo is delicious. It’s another way they eat tahini in Egypt apart from making a sauce with lemon,garlic,water and cumin.

They call blackstrap “black honey” and they pour it onto the tahina (Arabic) which is spread over a flat plate and scoop up the mix with some aysh, which is traditional wholemeal flat bread…

I had no hunger pains or food cravings- by late afternoon I felt so energised I finally did something I have been wanting/needing to do for a while. I joined the gym. My first gym membership ever- exciting. When I was asked about reasons to join- my main one was wanting to make a commitment to something new and challenging…

a bit like today’s green smoothie challenge I guess. Dinner is always hard when you are trying for a one day green smoothie/100% raw challenge- not sure what it is about dinner/night. I really want cooked hot food- preferably some sort of vegetable (pumpkin and sweet potato are my favourite) and bean thing you can eat scooped with bread and sweet chilli sauce on top (my only vice…)

This hot cooked dinner craving can be worse when it is cold for anyone trying or starting 100% raw. Yesterday was about 30 C so we are having a late spell of hot weather. BUT after my first yoga class in 4 years at the newly joined gym I came home at 8.00pm and didn’t want to eat any cooked hot dinner just the last bit of gs.

So… begin/sustain/commit and finish- thinking about why stop at a one day a year challenge- challenge yourself to a weekly green smoothie cleanse one day a week.

A daily green smoothie and more is kind of like a gym membership for your body but it works from the inside out!!

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