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Hi I sometimes read about people using broccoli in green smoothies and have always thought mmm don’t know about the texture and eating it raw- until the weekend and my greendar went off and I spied a huge head of leafy greens surrounding a gorgeous big head of broccoli with stem attached. I was actually more interested in the leafy part than the actual broccoli. Funny how green smoothies can make you so excited when you come across a new green…and after all it is just a vegetable…

I think when you actually start salivating in front of a green leafy veggie you can honestly admit to yourself OK I am fully converted and there’s NO way back ever to eating SAD* now!!! Put me on a desert island without food and a blender and I’ll be eating leaves and hoping there’d be some bananas and coconuts there as well…!!

Broccoli is one of the most abused veges along with carrots- it usually ends up being overcooked into a mushy blob- I like it crunchy in stirfrys or m/wed in tamari ginger and garlic with some sweet chiili sauce to finish. Green smoothies are perfect if you want to retain all the nutrients and enzymes in broccoli (and every other green) and eat it raw which is ultimately the best way to eat all our greens.

I don’t have to tell you how healthy broccoli is- part of the Brassica family (kale cauliflower brussel sprouts cabbage etc anti cancer) high levels of fibre (the magic sponge) vitamins BACE, iron and calcium. I think you need to mix it with other greens in smoothie like spinach to make texture smoother and only try and use super crunchy fresh.

Today’s (being brave) Broccoli green smoothie- Blend 1 orange with 12 iceblocks and 1 cup water and juice of a lemon and lime add broccoli greens/ broccoli heads/ silverbeet/ parsley/ tatsoi or bok choy blend up to 4-5 cup line add 2 tbsp ground chia/ apple/ frozen banana blueberries/more lemon to taste-yummy- really thick and filling. enjoy…

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  1. I’m into smoothies now, I really enjoy fruit smoothies a lot. But as to veggie smoothies? Well, I haven’t brave it yet. I love broccoli when sauteed in butter and garlic, :)
    I think I’m going to challenge myself and test my smoothie stamina with your green smoothie recipe. Although I must admit that the color itself is pretty intimidating, lol! Still I think it’s worth a try, :)

  2. Hi I’d be leaving the broccoli out and just use spinach and other leafy greens if you haven’t made a green smoothie before-you’ll never go back to just fruit smoothies again-they’re intense! it’s taken me 2 years of green smoothie making to work my way up to raw broccoli in a gs…good luck

  3. Anonymous says:

    Broccoli…Hmmm…I’ll try it when I arrive home! Tamar x

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