Earth Day everyday green smoothies

Hi- I missed that it was Earth Day during the week. Funny how we confine ourselves to officially think about the earth just on this one day in April- seems a bit like head in the sand thinking- ignoring the obvious!! It is not as if we have the choice to live on some other Earth like planet and drop in here occasionally and leave when there is no more oil left for cars and to produce all the stuff we think we need and the water, air and soil are too polluted to drink, breathe or grow food…

I saw Ben Lee’s new video for ‘Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe’ this morning on Rage. It was created for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and shows a chimpanzee returning from space in a spacesuit to an environmentally-decimated Earth and no human life…it ends with the chimp crying and the words onscreen ‘It’s not our planet, it’s our home.’

We share 99.4% of our DNA with chimpanzees and they eat mainly greens and fruit with some blossoms, seeds, bark and insects…so what does Earth Day and green smoothies have in common? You can celebrate Earth Day everyday of the week-

buy locally grown food using less food miles and think about the food choices we make and what we are eating– green smoothies

energy in our food comes from the sun- chlorophyll rich greens are as essential to humans as water, air and sunlight– green smoothies

eat less cooked food and more raw– green smoothies

eat the most nutritious food grown on the planet– green smoothies

live longer, happier lives and go to the doctor less by eating healthier food– green smoothies

increase your energy and get more out of a day on the planet– green smoothies!

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  1. SasDee says:

    Hi jane,

    what book do you recommend?

  2. Hi sis-Ann has my copy of green smoothie girl Robyn Openshaw’s book- you can borrow it! My favourite I think. Her chapter about green smoothie evangelism inspired me to start this blog. It is very different to Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothie Revolution.

    My review of this and a comparison is on Amazon-

    I love reading reviews on Amazon-the positive ones are like green smoothie testimonials.

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