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Hi- Sunday’s show and tell green display on the way home from the markets made me think of what other greens I can use in green smoothies that are not very well known.

Sea greens are edible seaweeds etc- I have a packet of dried wakame in the cupboard but it really smells fishy so I am going to have to be really brave and experiment and add lots of fruit to wakame green smoothie plus other normal greens in it…it can’t be worse than when I added nutritional yeast for B12 which made the smoothie taste like cheese- and the plain brewers yeast was just as bad….and I don’t even like yeasty bread.

Sea vegetables- sea greens have of course been eaten for centuries by Asian cultures for a reason-they’re good for you. Sushi is wrapped in sheets of nori and you can buy dried dulse flakes to add to green smoothies along with a heap of other sea veges.

Sea greens are an anti-inflammatory and can reduce risk of certain cancers and do all the usual good beneficial things like prevent heart disease and help menopause symptoms.They contain live, active enzymes, amino acids and are packed with magnesium, vitamin K, folate, magnesium, iodine- so really good for your thyroid.

This recipe is for Ann- Give Me More Greens green smoothie and don’t worry- no seaweed…yet!

1. blend a cup or more of ice with 1 orange
2. add bag of sorrel (or 3 packed cups of baby spinach if you have used the sorrel) and blend.
3. add 2 frozen bananas then a whole bunch of chopped tatsai including stems with some more ice and blend till smooth.
4. add any other fruit you have – I used 3 plums, an apple, ground chia seeds, lime juice and tablespoon ginger and more ice- total in smoothie was 12 ice cubes…you may need less without the chia, this makes it quite thick and very filling. Makes 1.5 litres- enjoy.

4 Responses to “give me more greens”

  1. Jane Shafron says:

    Go Jane! Sounds so healthy. I agree we need to eat more heathly food – and less of it! I hope you can make me a green smoothie when we come to visit in July!

  2. Hi Jane -thanks for your comment. Ann wants to have a green smoothie making/tasting party so we can do this when you come in July.

  3. SasDee says:

    Hi Jane,
    I made mine today with ice- yes makes a huge difference to the taste – although I am not used to drinking cold cold drinks. Still didnt quite have the creamy texture like yours..silver beet, bok choi, pineapple,celery, lime and it was a bit stringy and chunky in parts….cant wait to go to markets next Sunday and look for the greens youhad on Sunday. bye

  4. Hi Sara – yum I love pineapple in gsmoothies. Keep blending until there are no lumps- chopping before blending can help. Also frozen bananas or mango really make it creamy smooth. It was fun on Sunday looking at all the greens wasn’t it… I have a green-dar now and it zeros in on anything green and edible!

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