grapefull green smoothie

Hi-today’s green smoothie was full of grapes. 2-3 cups of green grapes and an orange/lemon juice are the only liquids you need for this tasty smoothie.

I blended the grapes with the orange and lemon and a small piece of rind then added a passionfruit / apple and 2 frozen bananas and ginger. For the greens I used a bunch of fresh organic rainbow chard (looks like spinach with thinner coloured stems) and 2 bunches of organic tatsoi bought at the markets on the weekend. This smoothie was REALLY thick and very filling- also incredibly tasty without water diluting the rest of the ingredients.

Grapes are great to add as a smoothie ingredient. A powerful antioxidant, they contain beta carotene, B complex, Vit C as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Grapes are an ancient food that has been ritualised and written about for centuries. They have a long record of their disease fighting properties. Dr Red in Brisbane has been using grapes and extracts in their teas and anti-cancer punches with some proven anti-cancer results in tests at Sydney Uni. The Blueberry Punch they make is delicious with soda water and also added to your green smoothie. Look at all the great antioxidant ingredients in it- blueberry, red grape, white grape, elderberry, raspberry, citrus skin extracts, green tea extract, olive leaf/olive pulp extracts, grape seed extract, grape skin extract, tarragon, turmeric and ginger.
They are a nutraceuticals company- which means food as medicine–easy to do when you are drinking a green smoothie a day!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you are so wonderfully knowledgable about all these things! It’s very impressive.
    Will get round to the green smoothies one day – when i get more organised!

  2. Hi Kylie-thanks. Once you start on them there’s no going back. Buy the blender first-start off slowly- the kid’s will love the Green Monsters and the green moustaches. Healthy too!

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