green smoothies and RDA serves fruit and vegetables

I saw a new ad on TV the other night for V8 juice- this has been around forever. I remember Dad drinking his original V8 at breakfast in the 70′s – the original is blended tomatoes with some beets, celery, carrots, lettuce, parsley, watercress, and spinach.The tomato juice was about 87% of the total and I remember it was/is really high in sodium. V8 is still being made by Campbells who were and are a canned soup manufacturer.

SO the new 2010 V8- they now make 28 varieties of the original and some with additives like artificial sweeteners AND high-fructose corn syrup…

there’s a V8 ad from the late 80′s/early 90′s with Con the Fruiterer going through his fruit and veg shop grabbing huge bunches of celery, spinach and parsley and some fruit/tomatoes and then the ingredients are blended-so if all those greens are in there why is the V8 so red!!!

The only greens I can find in any type of V8 are celery (4.5%) parsley (0.5%), lettuce (0.5%), watercress and spinach (no percentages listed) and in one variety wheatgrass extract 0.04%.

One TV V8 ad listed 2 servings fruit/veg per 236 mls/8 oz glass so about a cup of mainly processed tomato juice, water, salt and no greens. A Government sponsored ad running here on TV and in print media called Why Go For 2 and 5? (my photo shows how it could/should be!!) is promoting 2 serves fruit/5 serves vegetables per day. It also shows a cute photo of a fruit and vege face and the vegetables include 2 small pieces of celery and some broccoli- they are the only green veges and there are ZERO leafy greens!! I guess they don’t want to turn people and kids off- erggh! greens!!! I would’ve at least added some spinach hair!

Why only go for 2 and 5? -you can get in more when you drink green smoothies…double/triple/quadruple the vegetables when you have greens especially and because you are having raw in green smoothies- more nutrients and vitamins/minerals.

According to their OFFICIAL site a serve is
-½ cup cooked vegetables
-1 medium potato
-1 cup salad vegetables ((lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum)
-½ cup cabbage, spinach, silverbeet, broccoli, cauliflower or brussel sprouts

-1 piece medium sized fruit (eg apple, orange, mango, banana, pear, etc)
-2 pieces of smaller fruit eg apricots, kiwi, plum, figs, etc,
-about 8 strawberries, about 20 grapes or cherries, about 20 grapes or cherries
-½ cup (125ml) fruit juice (sugar free), ¼ medium melon (eg. rockmelon)
-dried fruit eg 4 dried apricots or 1½ tablespoon sultanas
-1 cup diced pieces/canned fruit

SO how many servings of fruit and vegetables are we getting when we pack our blenders with heaps of greens and fruit? Well you can imagine -based on those paltry amounts and sizes that the government think we should be eating! AND that is what makes green smoothies so great. Do an experiment and work out how many servings you are getting when you make your next gsmoothie.
Robyn Openshaw wrote more about this in her blog and made a gs based on the US serving sizes if you are interested-

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