Green smoothies can devastate your health. Really?

Can green smoothies devastate your health?

Devastate? Absolutely! There’s oxalates in spinach so it’s really bad for us and fruit has fructose and we’ll all become obese and apple seeds have cyanide and we’ll poison ourselves and isn’t that bad food combining? And what about all that saturated bad fat in coconut oil? Green smoothies will give you heart disease! So let’s all go back to eating fast food, lots of processed food, meat and dairy and yeah we’ll all feel better.

So Sarah The Healthy Home Economist is taking on green smoothies and obviously dislikes those energy bursting healthy gym goers she sees lining up post work out at a local juice and smoothie bar and asking for spinach in their smoothies.

Her main issue is the oxalates in large amounts of spinach in a green smoothie. And are we using huge amounts ? 2-3 cups a day is not a huge amount blended with a variety of ingredients including kale which is low in oxalates.


Large amounts of greens cause kidney stones? There is no way that a few handfuls of greens can do this.

Here’s Tracy Russell from Incredible Smoothies on why isolated nutrient thinking is just plain silly and why green smoothies definitely do not devastate your health and that the large amount of people around the world that have had kidney stones have never had a green smoothie in their life!

People love focusing on just spinach which has minute quantities. Oxalic acid in food is a micro nutrient in much more higher levels in grains soy nuts seeds beans veggies, carrots, tea and especially coffee.

It is considered harmful because it can combine with calcium and may leach the calcium in bones.

As if spinach is the only green that green smoothie converts use every single day and the only thing in our green smoothies? She needs to spend some time with a green smoothie convert and look at the huge variety of greens, food, vitamins, nutrients and minerals you consume in a week then compare that to someone eating a primarily animal based diet like herself.

Like Jane my friend from high school who I stayed with in Melbourne this year and left green smoothie books and info with and after I left she bought a mini blender and started drinking green smoothies- then a Breville blender (wait it get’s better!) and then a Vitamix and she is converting others including trainers at her gym, lending people books plus searching out and buying a variety of greens including stinging nettles. Plus getting free greens via the ends of celery and beetroot that greengrocers love chopping off and throwing away!

LOVE this!!! This is exactly why I think I became a teacher in the first place- sharing my passion and seeing people become inspired and transform. When I was in high school my passion was art (plus growing up in a bookshop books, writing, ideas, innovation plus music ) so I wanted to share this passion with others so went to art school, did my 4 year degree in art, photography and art education. I think it was the transformative power of painting and photography that was powerful for me. Starting with nothing e.g. a blank page or canvas or original subject and seeing the transformation. Before and after!

Ultimately it was illness and losing 10 years to cancer from 94 to 2004 that changed that focus for me away from teaching in schools (have taught special education and also English to migrants and refugees in the school system too) to finding other ways of sharing this passion which is now of course healthy eating, leafy greens and green smoothies.

I’ve always rotated my greens to get a variety of all the different nutrients, tastes and flavours like you do with other ingredients and making other meals. This writer is a butter, grass fed meat and dairy loving mainstream traditional nutritionist. They ignore healing qualities of the whole food and concentrate on single nutrients and biochemistry as opposed to the whole food approach/ healing focus holistic nutritionists use- there’s a big difference.

She advocates cooking food and using lots of butter plus has written about oh my god the dangers of eating raw veggies. Not just greens but ALL veges! She says- “I eat leafy greens in a salad or cooked with butter about twice a week at most. That is all I would consider doing …” so this is more healthy than raw leafy greens? Seriously… all those green eating animals should have died off a long time ago!

Interesting what her child is eating-a good indication of where she is coming from. This is one day from a food diary she kept- all I can say is wow…good that turkey was antibiotic free. Wonder what she thinks of the doctors and years of research and studies in Forks Over Knives…

Breakfast- sausage, raw grassfed milk, homemade ginger ale
1/4 tsp high vitamin butter oil, 1/2 tsp fermented cod liver oil, 1/2 tsp fermented skate liver oil Lunch (at school)-Antibiotic free turkey slices, organic fruit roll, veggie stix, organic grapes Dinner- Homemade chicken nuggets (cooked in coconut oil), organic green beans cooked in butter, raw grassfed milk

Robyn Green Smoothie Girl writes back in 2009 that she’s been asked about oxalates over 1000 times in her classes and online and calls it a tempest in a teapot. Or a buster in a blender!

In cooked spinach the oxalic acid changes and can become more toxic.

Victoria Boutenko has also written about oxalates in Green Smoothie Revolution page 34. I remember Victoria saying in Sydney in an answer to a question there are oxalates in coffee (carrots too! Plus soy and peanuts have far more than spinach etc etc etc) and there is far more coffee drunk over the world than green smoothies.

Many people report going to their doctor with kidney or thyroid problems and the Dr says no raw leafy and cruciferous greens and guess what? They ignore that advice and green smoothies reverse their original illness. A bit like being on blood thinners so you are told by the doc you can’t eat leafy greens because they focus on one vitamin eg vitamin K which can help blood clot (probably on the advice of the pharmaceutical company) and in the process blindly ignore all the other beneficial micro nutrients vitamins and mineral and the blood pressure reducing properties and ingredients in a green smoothie.

Ultimately we know what our bodies are telling us and what we are doing is right or’s simple -garbage in garbage out. No panic…keep drinking green smoothies!!

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  1. Wow, what an amazing post! You go into so much detail and I learned a lot from it. It’s a really important subject for me too as I also have a Green Smoothie website. It’s like anything else, nothing on this earth is perfect but when we find one of the healthiest food we can possibly eat – there is always somebody wanting to create some negative attention for themselves by scaring everyone about it.

    I just tweeted this as I think it’s something people need to be aware of (@greenthickies)

    My website: is based on my invention of the Green Thickie, which is a more filling green smoothie containing oats and seeds or nuts. I have loads of great green smoothie recipes for you to try. Come over and have a look.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Katherine I posted a reply ages ago but it disappeared! Thanks so much for the tweet and feedback! Yes have seen your site it’s great. I love how green smoothies are really adaptable and you can add things as your tastes and appetite changes but also keep it really basic and simple. I love mine much more thicker eg spoon stand upable and filling too rather than watery and usually add chia seed plus use less liquid especially for breakfast. Later in the day I might make a more juicy one with fruit like watermelon pineapple and grapes especially in summer.

  2. Vero says:

    The first day I started my green smoothie detox, I did a little bit of research and somehow The Healthy Home Economist was in the first three Google results…I was a little outraged after reading it and in light of all the food-related health problems in “rich” countries having to read on the first Google page that eating healthy was actually bad for you…duh…

    Thanks for the post. I was actually looking to write a little piece about this given that I am launching a Healthy Foodie Website and also just started a 70% green smoothie detox to clear out the excess holiday binges.
    I’d love for more support, comments and feedback. You can find my pages on Facebook:

    & the website with Blog:

    I had also read Katherine’s website for the green thickies and it gave me some great ideas for things to put in my own. I’m now onto day# 4 and have a wicked head cold that I attribute to the detox!

    Thanks for all the info – I’ll refer back to you guys i n my next little piece.


    • Jane says:

      Hi Vero thanks for your feedback. Yes I know, I found this mind boggling especially when you read incredible stories from people EVERYDAY who transformed their health just by drinking green smoothies and adding lots of leafy greens to their diet through green smoothies.
      Thankyou for your website info, love when you discover these you want to share this with the world and help other people too by doing this one easy simple (and tasty) thing!!

  3. Vero says:

    Thank you so much for the share Jane, I’d be more than happy to share the wealth back and get an interview with you for more content to put down on my website on the healthy food page. If you’re interested, please drop me an email (foodmesenseless at gmail dot com) with your phone # and I can give you a call at a convenient time. Will put a link to your website on the page and give full credits back to your work. I’m still sick, but feeling more and more motivated and energized by all this great new knowledge!

  4. Jeanette says:

    Hi this week I have started on green smoothies, eg last night I mixed gogi berries, cranberries, lethicin, flax seed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds then kale, spinach, beetroot, cucumber, celery, coconut water, mint leaves, aloa vera juice altogether and drank it, it tasted sort of OK but was very thick! I woke up this morning and feel ill! dizzy, light headed, headache and my eyes feel heavy really just plain YUK! Can you overdo the ” healthy” stuff. My daughter mixes smoothies all the time and now she has me on the green stuff and I feel unwell. Are they OK or am I overdoing it?

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