Healthy fast food on the road?

Hi it is always a challenge to find any healthy food when you travel unless you take your own. I usually take fruit ( the original fast food!) some green smoothie in an esky and a bag of nuts, dates, seeds and goji berries. For anyone heading north or south on the Australian Pacific Highway you may think like on any highway it will be a real food ghetto but a fast food lovers paradise.  But no! Eden awaits just off the highway on the central coast (31 St Johns Road West Wyong -north of Wyong NSW turnoff)  in the form of Olivers! 

At this Caltex stop over/service centre we have MacDonalds in one corner and in the other Oliver’s Real Food offering yes as promised real food, vegetable and grain dishes, salads, healthy desserts, juices and super smoothies. You can sit and eat and watch Food Matters and browse their books and DVDs. Plus They also have high-speed internet, an ATM and  newspapers and magazines. I was there one time on a Saturday morning and it was great to see how busy it was. 

Check out their Facebook page for interesting videos and info. 

In the last year they are now making a green smoothie and so of course that’s what I ordered on my last trip. Made with a bit too much ice but delicious- Alkalising Green Dream made with coconut water, banana plus linseed meal,  broccoli, artichoke, spinach, kale, alfalfa, guava, peppermint, spirulina, wheatgrass, nettle leaf, cucumber, kiwi, green tea, kelp, chlorella, aloe vera and more…

On my first trip I drank it all before I took a photo so here’s my empty cup, with a green car. Has anyone noticed green is a really cool colour this year for cars?


Yes really! A bit different to my usual 3 greens and a few fruits, chia seed, coco oil green smoothie. Because this is so cold I think wait a bit so it gets to room temperature before drinking so you can actually taste it.
Definitely Maccas knocked out in the SuperNutrition battle by Olivers in this bout! 


This sign outside Olivers says it all and is the philosophy behind making and serving real food. The books and dvds they sell mirror this.

I bought the Phillip Day book Cancer Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth and read it over the next week, there is so much great information in here. I love his Water and Salt book too. Love!

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Health by Mark Bunn is another fave purchase from here.

Oliver’s has also opened in Hexham, Newcastle NSW and they have plans to open in other locations so keep an eye out for it on a highway near you! 












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