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Hi you know how I’ve been going on about why can’t we buy frozen fruit for our green smoothies in Australia etc for years now?  If you haven’t here’s my first post on this

and update

But finally here’s the BEST update of all and what Australian green smoothie  fans have been waiting for for absolute  years!  McCains (thank you thank you thank you!) have just made it SO much easier to make your healthy green smoothies and become a green smoothie evangelist and convert everyone else. This all started when I bought a Yonanas soft serve maker from a local Harvey Norman. These have been a huge hit in the US. You feed frozen (and slightly thawed )  fruit through the top and a soft serve texture frozen ice-cream comes out the bottom shute using nothing but frozen fruit. Yum! Even better no dairy in here at all!  I usually use the Vitamix to make this but this is so much easier, no more scooping out the bottom of the blender container.



What was interesting was that I found this brochure for Dole frozen fruit next to the Yonanas display in the shop. Dole is a US company that owns a huge banana plantation in Queensland and sells Dole branded bananas in the US and also their Dole brand of frozen fruit in the US that obviously we can’t buy here.


As you can’t buy frozen fruit in Australia in our supermarkets (up to now, more on that later!) I wondered how popular the Yonanas was going to be when you had to freeze your own fruit. I can understand why these have been so popular in the US with the convenience of being able to buy packets of frozen fruit. They do advertise that you no longer have to throw out your over ripe bananas now, just freeze and make some Yonanas. Best time to eat bananas is when they are super spotty and brown because they are ripe and super sweet. This is when I freeze them and use them in my green smoothies. So I wrote on the Yonanas Facebook page recently when they were promoting their Australian demos in Target stores and asked where they were getting their frozen fruit from to use and a fan told me Coles had frozen mango!!! I did go to the local Target to the demo but the rep didn’t turn up as they were running late…or maybe just looking for frozen fruit?

So a few days ago I went to Coles and YES we have now officially joined the rest of the world. Not only did they have McCain Season’s Choice frozen mango chunks they had McCain’s 500gms fruit mixes ($5.99) Summer Fruit Salad containing strawberries, peaches,grapes and pineapple AND Tropical Fruit Salad with strawberries, mangos, pineapple and honeydew melon. The 1 kg packs of frozen mango cheeks I buy (ordered from a butcher who then orders it from Bidvest then I have to drive 40 minutes to then pick up!) are $12 so these are a good price.

I rang McCains customer service for some background and asked them about their frozen fruit and they told me they released this because they noticed there was no frozen fruit available in Australian supermarkets and it was also due to CUSTOMER DEMAND!!!! Coles, Woolworths and all independent supermarkets will be stocking it. Now it is so much easier to convert others to green smoothies because yes we all know how tasty they are but now so much faster and easier for busy people to make. Grab bags of supermarket baby spinach and frozen fruit, get the blender out and…done!!!! SO get down to your local supermarket and buy these plus tell any converts about them. We have to support this new product so it doesn’t disappear from the shelves as supermarkets like doing depending on sales.

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  1. Jane says:

    Email query from Lyn- Hi, I’ve just been reading your blog on frozen fruit and the fact it is now available here in Australia. On the weekend, I was chatting to a health-conscious friend who informed me she never uses anything that has been made from ‘local and imported products’ as many imported products have been grown in human faeces. Particularly from places like China. I’ve noticed that even from my organic suppliers, the frozen produce contains fruit from ‘local and imported’. In a nutshell, wondering if you have found any products that are completely Australian made and organic? Thanks, Lyn

    My reply- Hi Lyn, thanks for this query. The frozen mango cheeks I buy from Bidvest (not an easy process and takes some research!) are packed in Australia from local and imported ingredients and the new McCains range from Coles is packed in Chile from local and imported ingredients. I was prepared to overlook this in my joy that finally what I was going on about for ages was finally available. It also highlights the fact that our local product is sent overseas and we get imported stuff!

    I also found Caterer’s Choice frozen bananas in Canberra and they were from Chile too. From what I’ve read Chile local fruit and frozen products have become a huge industry in the last few years.

    I’ve discovered that the majority of Australian frozen fruit grown here is sent overseas to the Middle East and Asia. My daughter lives in Abu Dhabi and travels all over the world as a flight attendant and is always telling me about the grown in Australian frozen fruit she has seen or bought in stores everywhere. I’m planning to visit these local farms/processors next winter on a trip to Queensland.

    That is why this whole subject is very frustrating because yes I’d much rather be able to buy Australian grown and organic. I think the issue with China and contamination was with root crops, garlic and particularly leafy greens, lettuce etc. Happens in the US too when produce eg spinach and lettuce is contaminated from being grown too close to the huge concentrated animal feed lots (CAFOS) that produce lakes of sewerage, yuk! Not sure how much an issue it is with fruit?
    I remember when I was on my first trip to Egypt years ago I was told bananas, dates, pineapple and mangos were safe to eat but not to eat the watermelon because it may have been contaminated with faeces.

    Sometimes you can find a health food shop selling organic. I think I saw in Flannery’s in Miami on the Gold Coast Elgin organic mango cheeks 350gms for $7.50 so not cheap. The mango cheeks from Bidvest are $12.00 a kilo but not organic. Frozberries make the Elgin brand of organic mango cheeks from Queensland yes so local but I haven’t seen them anywhere but think you can order online. Pity we can’t buy in supermarkets!

    Where have you bought your organic frozen fruit and what brand is it? I’ve bought frozen organic blueberries from a local Coles but they have been the only organic frozen product I’ve found.

    My reason for doing this is to promote healthy eating through green smoothies and pushing to get any sort of frozen fruit in our supermarkets ( hopefully one day from Australia!) where the majority of people do their shopping will make it easier for busy people to do this. Obviously it’s a new product for the supermarkets so hopefully they may expand and stock Australian and organic!

  2. Ursula says:

    we have organic frozen mango cheeks and puree available for anyone interested.
    We are certified organic Mango Growers North of Gympie in South East Qld.
    I am in the middle of processing this years crop. I sell frozen mango cheeks and puree for $15 kg.
    I also dry mangoes, 50g for $3.50
    They are delicious, we’re told.

  3. Jane says:

    Hi Ursula thank you for this great comment. Sounds exactly what we need in our Australian supermarkets eg locally grown and organic too! We need more choice here. Where do you sell your frozen mango?

    I wish we could get more awareness with Australian consumers that frozen fruit is grown and made here and we should be able to buy in supermarkets etc for healthy smoothies. All people see are the frozen berries.

  4. Cindie says:

    Hi Ursula,
    Could you please contact me at I am still trying to find frozen mangoes in my local area and I would rather buy Australian…cheers

  5. Melanie says:

    Hi Ursula, could u plz contact me? thanks :)

  6. Jane says:

    Sorry I don’t know who Ursula is and haven’t got any contact details for her. Maybe try contacting any mango growers in the area she is in north of Gympie or stores in Gympie. I’m still buying frozen mango cheeks from Bidvest frozen foods warehouse now in Burleigh Heads Qld but have seen the Elgin organic brand grown in Australia in organic shops here.

  7. Jane says:

    Here’s an email address-

  8. Ursula says:

    My apologies to everyone who replied to my post re frozen organic mangoes. For some reason I did not see the replies.
    I will contact you asap.
    Thank you all for your interest.

  9. Jane says:

    Thanks Ursula!

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