it’s a vegetable it’s green it’s leafy! green smoothies

It’s a vegetable. It’s green. And it’s leafy!

Green smoothies are about buying greens at the local farmer’s markets and also making and sharing green smoothies with family and friends. They are also about going where there is no path and leaving a trail for others to follow…being a trailblazer rather than a fast food follower…

I’m in Queensland exploring local Farmer’s Markets amongst other things like still trying to answer the why can’t we buy frozen mango, pineapple etc in our supermarkets question…! I’m always interested in seeing all the different types of greens available and what sort of greens people are buying.

I’m staying in Miami and the Gold Coast Organic Market is 2 blocks away at the local high school. I was surprised at all the variety of kale there and that I could buy big bunches of dandelion…I love dandelion because it is one of best greens you can use in green smoothies- if you can find it. I see it everywhere- growing between the cracks in the pavement and along overgrown paths, alongside damp sandstone walls in Tamarama beach in Sydney and in gardens where edible weeds have been able to grow wild.

The great thing about the Miami market was the info about greens on laminated posters at some of the stalls. The only thing they didn’t mention was green smoothies. I talked to 2 people who asked about the curly kale and the Russian red kale I was buying (the usual What’s that? What do you do with it?) and of course told them about green smoothies.

Some of the greens sold here are flat leaf kale (collard) Russian red kale Chinese kale (kai ann) beetroot greens parsley dandelion mustard greens tatsoi silverbeet English spinach Euro spinach baby spinach curly kale bokchoy wheatgrass mizuna bokchoi Daikon radish greens and broccoli greens.

We’ve been making green smoothies every day with heaps of greens and orange ice water base and combos of mango passionfruit lime banana chia coconut oil pineapple kiwi strawberries lemon and limes picked fresh from the tree in the garden.

Here are two of my gorgeous nephews Nicholas and Austin with their green smoothie moustaches!

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