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Low Fruit Sugar Green Smoothies

Hi- funny how sugar was considered essential in our diet. Hello- empty calories!! Some people can have problems with fruit and sugar levels in a green smoothie- when you are starting out everyone tends to overdo the fruit to hide the taste of greens. When you overdo the sugar you can have a spike in your insulin levels followed by a crash in your blood glucose levels making you experience symptoms of low blood sugar- sudden severe hunger/shaky or light-headedness/nervousness or irritability/sweating/headaches/nervousness/anxiety/tiredness…

interestingly these are also symptoms of hormone imbalances- testimonials I’ve read about green smoothies have often mentioned that any hormonal problems vanished since drinking green smoothies…I have high prolactin levels and no oestrogen resulting from radiotherapy for a brain tumour a while ago and used to have all the above symptoms and more -still have the high prolactin/no oestrogen but no more physical symptoms since discovering green smoothies.

Greens in a green smoothie really help you absorb fruit sugars more slowly because of the high fibre content and also keeping your blood sugar levels normal. No extremes… more greens than fruit is what were all trying to get to after we get used to drinking our greens!

Anyone with adrenal gland problems can also have blood sugar problems and bad digestion so need to avoid high sugar fruit. Eating more often can help keep your blood sugar stable. Low fruit green smoothies are perfect for this- always make a full blender load in the morning and designate as yours in the fridge!

Some of the low fruit sugar fruits that are perfect for green smoothies are-

berries kiwi pears feijoa pawpaw nectarines apple apricots peaches rockmelon and watermelon.

You can freeze any of these to replace the creamy frozen banana thickness. Also ice and 2 tablespoons of ground chia thickens up a green smoothie- making it really filling.

Chia is really packed with protein- protein also helps stabilise your blood sugar levels. The more filling your gs is means you won’t be hungry after and it will sustain you for longer. enjoy!

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  1. mgm says:

    HI, Jane – thanks for commenting on my blog!What a surprise. I love all the different blogs on GS, because for every person who makes them, there is an almost completely different take on what goes in one, and it’s ALL good. I love the diversity available and creative spirit involved. That ‘Food Rules’ manual looks good – I’m off to the bookstore!

  2. Hi-yes it’s amazing how many Google hits there are now-meaning more people are becoming aware of and making green smoothies. I like what you say about diversity and particularly the creative spirit. Yes and ALL good… when I first started this blog I didn’t want to put exact amounts etc thinking that once you start you won’t need recipes because you’ll be coming up with your own combos. Sometimes people are a bit afraid to experiment and trust themselves with something so new-and very out there like drinking spinach!!! Books like the ones I mention on link (Victoria Boutenko/Robyn Openshaw) are a good starting point.

  3. Jane says:

    Hi thankyou so much! I love that people are starting to get into these and discover leafy greens and how easy it is to change their diet and eat healthier.

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