lemons and limes

I don’t think I can make a green smoothie without adding lemon and lime juice and some lemon skin. Lemon juice transforms fruit and greens -makes your smoothie tangier and brighter- and packs an additional Vitamin C punch. They are also really good for reviving a smoothie that was made the day before. Try a lime juice/pineapple/coconut oil combo to convert your everyday smoothie into a tropical cocktail!

I am always looking out for cheap lemons or anyone who has a lemon tree who will give you some for free. A great tip from Robyn Openshaw’s green smoothie book for when you have heaps of lemons/limes is squeeze the juice and freeze in ice cube containers and also cut up lemons in 1/8ths and freeze. I add the frozen lemon segment and juice to my smoothie- lemon skin is supposed to be really good for your skin and preventing skin cancer.

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