pining for (summery) green smoothie

Hi fellow bar hoppers- this morning it was below zero outside and I was so cold I had to cut the tips of the index fingers off my gloves so I could use my phone’s touch screen- and I was still inside! This is when you wish (memo to JuliaG…) there were building regulations here that make insulation and double glazing mandatory like in many European countries…I have large north facing glass sliding doors along 2 rooms at front of apartment that let cold in and heat out but on the upside the winter sun coming in on sunny days is so warm don’t have to use heating during day.

So I was pining for something warming tropical and summery when I made my green smoothie this morning. When I woke up I had a starter of yesterday’s small bit of leftover gs with a tbsp barley grass powder, water and lemon juice. I bought a baby pineapple yesterday and I checked this was ripe first- not like the one I bought last week-I have discovered green pineapples are not going to ripen- look for yellow and if it smells pineappley it should be ok.

There were two women in front of me picking up and smelling the baby pineapples and having what seemed an in-depth conversation about them and then they moved to the kiwis and then asked me what the difference was between normal and golden kiwis as I was reaching for some too. I googled it for them on phone-love having internet access outside of my wireless now. I should have checked the pineapple ripeness info myself there or asked them in turn- anyway the diff is gold kiwis are yellower, sweeter and less acidic. Less hairier skin too.

Today’s Pining For Summer green smoothie all measured and weighed!

1 cup water/ 8 blocks ice/ 1 tangelo- another newbie in the daily green bar kitchen-orange with big knob on top-X between tangerine and grapefruit or pomelo blend then add to liquid 4 cups kale/2 cups baby spinach (6 cups greens) 2-3 cups pineapple/ 2 kiwis/ 2 frozen bananas/ginger/1 tbsp coconut oil/ 2 tbs ground chia /handful dried goji berries and 1/8 of lemon including rind, juice of 2 lemons and 2 limes (the kale can be very strong tasting- ginger and lemon cuts through this) enjoy

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  1. Dear Jane,
    I put pineapple in my green smoothie today too – kale, spinach and parsley for greens – plus banana, orange and lemon juice – I loved it and so did the kids! I can’t wait to share green smoothies with my American friends. Thanks for turning us onto this healthy change to our diet. I’ll let you know how my blender purchase goes in the US. Love Jane

  2. SasDee says:

    Hi ….are you cold….move to the Gold Coast!!! Yesterday Nicholas asked for a green smoothie with baby spinach (but no other greens) and to taste like a Frosty Fruit ice block.. still not a daily habit for me…..what do you add for omega 3/6 …ground linseed?

  3. Hi Sara don’t tempt me! Last blog was about omega 3- did you see?If you use flaxseed you have to grind first-I prefer the ground chia seed. You know you can freeze green smoothie into iceblocks-the ones with the handles too. Wish my 2 were young enough to make these for them!

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