stuff your blender!

stuff your blender and push your green comfort zone!!

Hi- today I decided today to try and use more greens into my smoothie to see

1. if using more greens to the usual amount of fruit would taste too green to drink-
2. how the blender would cope-

so I filled the blender up and over the top with greens (cucumber, kale and spinach-2 cups water) and after blending it only made an extra cup of green blend (5 cups) but it was thicker of course-

I added mango/berries/koji/chia and juice of 2 lemons and some rind and lime/ginger and it definitely looks greener and the blender coped-no problems with some tamping down- and the smoothie surprisingly tastes like normal- but maybe just a bit TOO catch in the throat lemony…overlemoned a bit thinking it would be TOO green but no it wasn’t. I’ll have to buy even more greens now…

I think maybe we can get stuck in doing things the same way everyday because it’s safe and hey it works… and we usually do this like we stick to the same scripts in life- so take a risk and challenge yourself to do things differently… even if it is just a green smoothie!!

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  1. Isis says:

    good on you for taking the risk!
    sounds delicious – how much green smoothie did it make all up?

  2. hi-up to the top so about 2 litres…thicker too so more filling-beat those mid morning cravings for the bad stuff!

  3. Dan says:

    Right on Jane. I think I’ll make a smoothie tonight.

  4. hi Dan-thanks for your great feedback-I love green smoothies so much I want to inspire people who think it is too hard to eat healthy food.

  5. Daniel says:

    Hi Jane,

    I just discovered the joy of green smoothies myself and wanted to ask you about your blendtec. I am in Australia and have wanted a vitamix but they are crazy expensive here – was wondering if the Blendtec is a good substitute. I noticed you used the metric system so thought maybe you were in Australia as well.

  6. HI Daniel-yes I’m in Australia- Canberra- I researched blenders- and found my BlendTec Xpress from John at in Sydney. They have been trying to get the BlendTec Total Home blender for ages but they are having ongoing problems-something to do with approval for the power/wattage??
    The Xpress is commercial high turnover standard and is great-I am up to 350 cycles. Free delivery too. 2 containers-BPA free-$869-comes with a manual but no recipe book. It has 5 cycles and pulse. I decided to make this investment when I realised I am going to be making them everyday for the rest of my life!!!

  7. Daniel says:

    Excellent, thank you for that info, I think it is a wise investment.

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