super vitamin C green smoothie

hi- the ads on TV for cold and flu tablets and immune system boosters have started and most include vitamin C of course. Save your money- you can get a great big fresh vitamin C pill everyday when you drink green smoothies…also tastes nicer!
Here’s a Super C green smoothie today packed with ingredients that are really high in vitamin C…no different ingredients- just all the same standard green smoothie stuff. Because we don’t store vitamin C we need to eat Vitamin C rich foods everyday.

starting liquid- pomegranate and red grape juice / whole orange/ cup of watermelon/ lemon and lime juice

high VC greens are kale/ celery/ parsley/ spinach/ bok choy/ silverbeet (Swiss chard)

fruit- mango/ strawberries/ raspberries/ koji berries/ kiwi/ tangerine/ rockmelon/ pawpaw/ passionfruit


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