The China Study and green smoothies-life changing!

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” – Ayurvedic Proverb

Heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, eye disease, auto immune diseases, arthritis, Alzheimers and dementia. What do these diseases have in common? Apart from the fact that most of us sadly know friends or family who have died of them or have them now?  What they have in common is that they can all be prevented with and also cured by eating a whole food plant based diet.

The China Study is a study based on comparing animal protein eaters with plant based protein eaters and the rates and levels of disease prevention and cure. It was written by T.Colin Campbell PhD and his son Thomas M. Campbell II and was first published in 2007. Colin Campbell is a scientist/nutritionist at Cornell University and has done extensive research and studies into this dating back to the 40′s.

This book is over 300 pages long and has stunning implications that involve everyone from government to media to Big Medicine and for every patient that has given up or who finds themselves in the doctor’s office AGAIN hoping for a quick fix via the prescription pad. The sad truth is that while modern medicine is very good at diagnosis and emergency medicine when it comes to curing chronic disease medicine’s track record isn’t so great. Modern medicine will treat your symptoms with pharmaceuticals and it is guaranteed you will be taking this same medication 10 years in the future.

These are the 10 main points I learnt from The China Study- it was hard isolating the facts from the research that involved doctors using the findings but these are the key points-

1. Despite the evidence via research and studies cited in this book that an animal based diet (eg meat and dairy proteins) is the main cause of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, eye disease, auto immune diseases, Alzheimers and dementia- you will not be told by your doctor, specialist, cardiologist or oncologist to change what you eat to a plant based whole food diet to reverse your disease or be given any nutritional advice ever. Countries like China in the study have low and zero rates of these diseases in the areas that eat a whole food plant based diet.

Campbell believes plant protein allows for slow but steady synthesis of new protein which is the healthiest type of protein. His studies showed that animal protein particularly casein (the primary protein in dairy) can turn ON cancer cells and plant protein has the amazing ability to turn OFF cancer cells.



2. Your cardiologist/ surgeon/oncologist prefers to operate with their fancy equipment in the drama of the operating theatre feeling god like and then prescribe the latest meat and dairy industry funded new heart medication- rather than cure you by helping you change your diet to a plant based whole food one. The same nutrition that prevents disease in its early stages (before diagnosis) can also halt or reverse disease in its later stages.

3. If you are overweight your doctor will prescribe medication or milk and sugar based meal replacement shakes and high meat diets for you to lose weight rather than tell you of the latest research in these areas. There is also a cure for both diabetes 1 and 2 and this is in plant based foods…patients who have reversed their diabetes and are completely off medication report going to their doctors who say nothing but keep doing what you are doing- rather than ask questions and find out for themselves what they can tell other patients.

4. If you have osteoporosis or any bone density problems your doctor, nutritionist and the media/dairy industry will tell you to eat more dairy and drink more milk and take another pill-despite the evidence that in countries where there is high calcium intake from dairy and also higher amounts of animal protein eaten there are high rates of hip fractures and osteoporosis.

5. Plant based foods (and we are talking much more variety of food than just meat fish chicken dairy etc) have equal protein to animal foods and MORE beta-carotene, fibre, Vit C, folate, Vit E, Iron, magnesium, calcium and LESS or ZERO fat and cholesterol. Even more reason to keep drinking green smoothies! We never see these facts being promoted by vege fruit growers or Govt funded food/nutrition panels- just more ads promoting beef, lamb and fast food etc.

6. If you are a doctor who has seen the evidence of dramatic change and reversal of disease in your patients by changing their diets away from animal protein you will probably be ostracised and ridiculed by your peers, called names behind your back, treated like a crackpot and refused support, promotion and funding for your programme by the health and hospital system. A cure for cancer? one doctor said. Where’s the money in that?

7.Nutrition research and official Govt boards and panels are funded and at times have members from Big Food- the meat and dairy industry. The author spent years on these and has first hand accounts of this and the difficulties in dealing with a Govt that is in bed with the meat and dairy industry. Every “official” nutrition guideline you read is tainted with these associations.

8. Whole food nutrition represents the combined activities of countless foods- the whole is greater than its parts. Everything works together to help health …or cause disease. Funding and research is more concerned with isolating individual “miracle” properties and then producing this in supplements and tablet form…to be sold and marketed to an advice and easy fix hungry pill popping public- who will be sold anything as long as they have been told it’s good for you…!

9. Disease does not occur just because of our genes- everything starts with genes and we can control whether they do become cancer etc through what we eat. Money is spent on genetic research so gene therapy/medication becomes the cure and everyone can keep eating their disease causing Western diet. People who move to the West from their plant based diet eating countries develop these same Western diseases.

10. Why haven’t you heard any of this before? Because of the Golden Rule- “the person who has the gold makes the rules” The hard truth is that government, science, medicine, pharmaceutical funded medical schools, industry and media promotes profits over health, technology over food and confusion over clarity….and as leading cardiologist Caldwell B.Esselstyn Jr who uses plant based diets to reverse heart disease- Bill Clinton is one of his more well known success stories-(link below) says

“What does the 20thC of medicine have to offer? We have pills and we have procedures…but whoever says “Maybe we ought to stop disease?”

The powerful meat/dairy companies risk losing money if consumers shift away from animal protein to plant based whole foods… so the message is to eat more…

There seems to be some interesting things happening around this recently- the Meatless Monday movement in the States/ a new movie coming out soon called Forks Over Knives that features some of the doctors in the China Study- the ones who are working with patients and reversing disease through food. The PCRM-Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine includes doctors from The China Study also.

AND best of all green smoothies becoming more popular as each month goes by- Google hits are up to 1 730 000 hits for green smoothie from beginning of the year when it was 811 000!! Green smoothies are a perfect way to start a transition to this new way of eating- away from disease and towards a healthy happy long life. They are the ultimate plant based whole food!

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8 Responses to “The China Study and green smoothies-life changing!”

  1. Great post! I love The China Study and green smoothies :)

  2. Hi thanks Kirsten. I couldn’t put this book down. Incredible and that the evidence exists too which is hard to ignore. I am really happy that more people are beginning to hear about it eg plant-based food etc and maybe discover green smoothies too in the process! yay! Jane

  3. Jane, you nailed it. What a brilliant summary of the book. I read it a few years ago and so enjoyed your summary of the key points. It is just amazing isn’t it that we have moved so far away from what can make us healthy. I’m loving my green smoothies and I’m sharing it with all of my friends – more green smoothie fans every week!

  4. Hi Jane thanks so much for your great feedback! As you know there’s a lot in it and also a bit of online criticism too-mainly from meat eaters I suspect! Change is not easy for some-green smoothies are a small step towards this I think- keep up the green evangelising!

  5. SasDee says:

    Hi Jane,

    Great blog. I really want to read the china study book now. I have run out of greens this morning and going to my wonderful market tomorrow. Can I use frozen greens in my GS? ( I put kale etc in the freezer about a month ago).
    I am seeing an acupuncturist/chines herbalist and he has asked me to write down what I eat for the week. Its amazing how crap easily creeps in without thinking about it!

  6. Hi. Thanks Sara I’d be interested to hear what you think coming from your medical/health related background etc. What did Mark think?and links etc… I can’t wait for the Forks Over Knives movie to come out. These doctors are working trying to save lives and all they get is obstruction….crazy.

    Yes you can freeze any excess greens-here’s a look inside Robyn Openshaw’s freezer and info
    she just tears up greens to fit in freezer bags. Just like using frozen fruit in your smoothie. Get gardening!!

  7. Hi thank you! I have my own copy now after initially borrowing from the library (where I took the photo of the Chinese quote from a screen in their window) and if anyone wonders why I’m a vegan/plantbased eater I say read The China Study!

  8. [...] T. Colin Campbell the author of The China Study says plant protein allows for slow but steady synthesis of new protein which is the healthiest type of protein. His studies showed that animal protein particularly casein (the primary protein in dairy) can turn ON cancer cells and plant protein has the amazing ability to turn OFF cancer cells. Read more here about The China Study, my dailygreenbar post- [...]

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