Thursday -bokchoy berry banana tops green smoothie

hi heres today’s green smoothie-looking less green because of the berries- sitting in the tatsoi on the balcony. Which is looking too nice to add to the blender so I usually buy it.

I’ve been making green smoothies for over a year now and am trying to be more adventurous with the greens I use. So today’s smoothie uses baby bokchoy and green leafy tops of carrots-which are supposed to be more nutritious than the actual carrots-same for beetroot leaves and we usually throw these away. Make sure you find fresh green carrot tops-maybe a local greengrocer will give you beet/carrot tops for free. You can always say they’re for your rabbit or some other imaginary pet!!

This smoothie might be a bit too green for some beginners but you can decrease /increase ingredients as you like. I was trying for just frozen bananas and berries but it really needed that frozen mango.


2 cups cold water or juice if you prefer sweeter like apple or cranberry/2 tbs ground chia/ginger/juice of 1 or 2 limes and a lemon
bok choy
carrot tops
a Lebanese cucumber- push all the greens down into blender so they come up to the 4 cup line then blend-makes 4 cups green blend
add 1 apple-I use the whole apple chopped up-washed/unpeeled with all the seeds and core-we normally don’t eat this part because our teeth really don’t like chomping hard stuff
2 frozen bananas
handful frozen blueberries/strawberries/raspberries-when they are in season I buy these fresh in their individual containers, wash them and then freeze together in a ziplock bag-if I am in the supermarket I usually pick up a big bag of the frozen berry mix
1 frozen mango
2 tbs coconut oil- this is a saturated fat but it is a vegetable oil and so it’s very different to other saturated fats and has wonderful health benefits (look at the non-Westernised South Sea Islanders) and it is also very filling

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