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water and salt

The Essential Guide to Water and Salt by Phillip Day and F. Batmanghelidj MD.  

Salt and water have been something I’ve been reading about since I was admitted to hospital with low sodium 3 times in the late 90s after brain tumour radiotherapy. Low sodium can be life threatening as I found out in 2004 when I almost died. My treatment  for low sodium those times was water restriction and eating the nutrient devoid hospital food. Unfortunately this happened before my complete health turn around and discovering green smoothies though I did visit the hospital library to research what sodium was, why it was so important and how it was regulated in the body.

Amazingly more elderly people actually die in hospital from dehydration, when the only fluid they are given is tea, coffee, juice and no water and processed over salted food lacking natural sodium from food high in micronutrients. Many patients are unable to lift the water jug on their bedside tables without assistance so they are in a constant state of dehydration.

This book asks the important question- Are you sick or are you thirsty? “In my professional and scientific view, dehydration is the biggest killer, more than any other condition you can imagine.” Dr Batmanghelidj. This Dr spent two and a half years locked up in an Iranian prison after the overthrow of the Shah and amazingly healed many of his fellow prisoners with the only thing available to him- hydration through water.

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Phillip Day: “The public is being seriously misled over the necessity for water and proper salt* in the diet. We have a medical system that does not train its doctors in even the basics of nutrition and dehydration, so why are we surprised that they have failed with disease? “

*Himalayan/Celtic salt that is unprocessed, unrefined, unheated and has its own healing properties as opposed to toxic and refined table salt. The connection between water and our health is dismissed to the point every year we are sure to read about some expert’s opinion on what they consider the 8 glasses a day myth and detox. Plus we have the reoccurring reports on salt is bad no we changed our minds it’s good.

Actually the bad salt is in processed, canned food and table salt. Water and real salt are essential for life. The first thing doctors will do in hospital is put you on a life saving saline drip. We were born out of a water salt sack into a world that is 73% water salt solution and have a body that is 73% water and a brain that is 85% water. There are 29 conditions and diseases listed in this book and the comprehensive science on how water and salt functions in the body. ”Every function of the body is monitored and pegged to the efficient flow of water.” Dr Batmanghelidj

Phillip Day has written comprehensively  on modern medicine and cancer in his other book. One of the most powerful books I have read is his “Cancer: Why We Are Still Dying To Know The Truth.”



So regarding water where did modern medicine go wrong?  Phillip Day believes that a dry mouth being the first indication of thirst is completely misleading and there are many other signs such as illness symptoms, pain, chronic joint pain and headaches including migraines that are much more important warning signs of dehydration and symptoms of some chronic diseases.

Present day medicine believes wrongly that any fluid can replace the water needs of the body. Nothing can replace the function of natural water- not tea coffee Coke and other soft drinks/soda juice milk and especially not energy drinks, despite what advertising would like you to believe!

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Your nutrient rich green smoothie is the perfect partner to the essential water you drink during the day and is filled with natural sodium rich foods like spinach, carrot, strawberries, beet greens, fruit, celery and cucumber.



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