we scream for green Halloween smoothie!

Hi Halloween is tonight in case you’d missed all the creepy stuff for sale in every shop you go into. But I think they should definitely use less orange and more green!

This might be a perfect time to get your kids or anyone you know drinking green smoothies- mainly the reluctant ones- you know the ones who walk past as you’re drinking your smoothie and go ergghhh! and refuse to try even a little bit- even though everyone else is drinking them- mainly because it’s GREEN…and green just can’t taste good can it??

Well green is good for kids at Halloween because it’s the stuff that all monsters ooze and drip…green slime.
Have fun with it- serve in shot glasses for the adults and hang some coloured snakes off the edge of the glass- make a Slimy Green Monster smoothie (use a basic baby spinach/ water/ice/ mango/ frozen banana/ kiwi/ lime mix) and also a Blood Red smoothie by adding frozen mixed berries and a blood red orange to your basic mix. Float a lolly eyeball or teeth in it for the kids!

Green is the new black! I’m reading The China Study -the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted at the moment by T. Colin Campbell / Thomas M Campbell and even though I’m barely into it (up to page 109) his research and findings are so incredible I am going to have to write in depth about this some other time. Basically he studied animal based protein eaters (dairy/meat) and compared their level of cancer with high plant protein eaters. This study was controversial because doctors in the West refuse to believe that animal protein, which is of course the mainstay of our Western SAD diet, is the cause of heart disease, cancer and other diseases…there is so much more to read in this -if you see a copy (reprinted in 2009) grab it….

As green smoothies become more popular and you naturally start eating a more whole food plant based diet I think you start thinking seriously about what the medical and health system are just not doing enough of and why there are so many people getting sick with avoidable illnesses and how we can change this current state of ignorance and lack of education about Western diet related illness.
I know this happened to me- and every time I hear about the current health crisis and our overloaded over worked hospitals all I can think is PREVENTION is the key for the future…and why do we never hear this word? We need to start at the beginning and fix what we are consuming daily eg move to a plant based diet away from the animal protein and get some general awareness and acceptance out there in the medical/ health system.

so there is no better time to get your kids and family into drinking healthy plant protein packed green smoothies that can have amazing health implications for your long term health. Plus you get have fun exploring new greens and ingredients. Enjoy…boo!

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  1. Ann says:

    Boo to yoo too! Jane you will be pleased to know that the parliament passed the Preventative Health Agency Bill last week, which means that there will now be a focus (funded) on preventative health. The Agency is yet to be establised, but when it is it will be seeking submissions from organisation – and people – for projects that can be funded to PREVENT those evil dis-eases! I am off to make a pumpkin smoothie…whooo

  2. Hi Ann thanks for that- interesting. We can’t have enough health promotion as you know. Good if we can get doctors on board and promote green smoothies as an easy tasty way to get your greens and thereby increase daily fruit and veg …pumpkin? one of my fave cooked veges- never had in a smoothie- you were joking I think!!! Hehe

  3. I read The China Study a few years ago and the same reaction as you. I’m looking forward to reading your review of the book.

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