Wednesday’s green smoothie

hi-welcome to my green bar where I am hoping you will find some green smoothie inspiration!
here’s today’s green smoothie

PeachyParsleyMango Beet

2 cups cold water
ginger- I didn’t bother peeling this today-it’s really fresh organic ginger so it doesn’t have a dried hard skin
2 tbs ground chia- this is new-I thought I was buying the seeds and it has the same orange colour packet-but I think it blends a bit smoother
handful koji berries

big handful beet greens
bunch of continental parsley
1 cucumber
3 leaves of spinach-I keep the stalks on for the extra fibre
BLEND then add-

juice of 2 limes and a lemon
1 mango-I puree mangos individually and freeze in a plastic glass-just run under a hot tap -squeeze out onto a board- chop into chunks.
3-4 peaches
2 tbs coconut oil-adds some sweetness without the sugar

enjoy…the mango/stone fruit season here is finishing-I keep wondering why can’t we buy frozen mango and other seasonal fruit here to use in smoothies all year round like berries

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